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The Bearded Lady

ISSUE 10 - BEARDED LADY I am a British-born Sikh female living in Slough in the UK. I had a fairly "normal" upbringing, my parents gave me a lot of love, and we had a lot of fun on numerous family holidays and days out.


For most Americans, Cuba is a land shrouded in mystery. Since the United States cut diplomatic ties with the nation in the 1960s, Cuba has become a land where time stood still. California photographer Jose Villa's first trip to this small country was several years ago.


Stella wears 19th century embroidery top as worn by Kate Moss in Voss S/S01 courtesy of the Alexander McQueen Archive; Silver African hooped earrings, tusk mouthpiece by Shaun Leane for Alexander McQueen Eshu A/W00 courtesy of Shaun Leane Lee Alexander McQueen Julia wears military jacket Dante A/W96 courtesy of Ruti Danan, lace top Dante A/W96 courtesy of The Hon.

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